Why I Started This Blog

This is my (second) first blog post, anywhere, officially.  I am trying a couple of different venues.  I was inspired by an organization called Live Your Legend (LYL) to start a blog, but decided my budget called for a free blog site rather than what was recommended.  If you knew my past 3 years, you’d understand my hesitancy to part with aliquots of my income that need to go towards moving expenses.

So, I wanted something with a “defiant” theme because I consider myself to have defied many odds.  I grew up in a single-parent home, where I moved frequently, and I lived in a small city where local politics and the business of others spread rapidly.  I wanted out, so I went to Chicago for college, after graduating at the top of my high school class.  Perhaps Chicago was a bit far for a start, so I ended up returning home (anti-climactic) after graduating with my B.A. in 3 years.  Two years later I simply couldn’t stick around and was, if anything, losing momentum, so I joined the military.  Within six months of training, I decided that I would pursue med school as soon as I got out – which was a long time.  But after one long deployment and a reprogramming of my brain for Mandarin Chinese, I did what I had determined to do.

I am currently preparing for a move to Florida (yay! Sunshine State!) to begin a MD/PhD program and I’m super excited!  And also a bit stressed!  This time of transition has prompted much introspection (as if I don’t already do too much of that), and as a result, this desire to try out a blog as an outlet to continue this journey of self-discovery nagged me to this point.  So, I’m no longer a virgin to the blog world!  And I hope to encourage others along a path of…defiance.  Defiance against the crap that life throws at you, not just to survive, but to thrive.  To live a meaningful life of following your passion, whatever that may resemble.  This is just one of many previous steps in finding that out for myself!  Bon voyage!  Buen viaje!


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